Accessorize the Multi-Lift to Fit Your Exact Needs


The Multi-Lift is available with a wide range of accessory options to meet every lifting challenge. Talk to your dealer to determine which options you need to do the lifting you want to do.



We carry 45 styles and sizes of slings for the Multi-Lift, so we can provide the sling that fits your needs exactly. And if a pre-existing sling does not fit your needs perfectly, we will custom create a sling just for you!



Wheelchair-Mounted Multi-Lift Carry Bag

 Portability is the key to the Multi-Lift. Here’s a handy way to move your Multi-Lift lift arm from car to bedroom to bath tub and back—the Wheelchair- or Scooter-Mounted Multi-Lift Carry Bag. Just drop your Multi-Lift into the Carry Bag and away you go! This rugged carrier fits most wheelchairs and scooters, strapping on behind the seat of the mobility device. It has pockets for the lift arm, swing arm and spreader bar. And it’s machine washable for easy care!




Scooter/Wheelchair Lift Adapter

This harness straps onto your power wheelchair or scooter so you can use the Multi-Lift to lift the mobility device into the side door of your minivan or the rear door of station wagons with a door frame tall enough to accommodate the mobility device.


Extended Range Scooter/Wheelchair Lift Adapter Kit

Use this kit with your Multi-Lift to lift your scooter or power wheelchair into the rear of an SUV, minivan or full-sized van, or the side door of a mid- or full-sized van.


  Swing Arms are available in a variety of angles to meet your requirements.


  Drop-Down Angled Swing Arm

For taller or larger people who want to enter a high-riding vehicle with a narrow door, the Drop-Down Angled Swing Arm provides the additional clearance required for their arm and shoulder.



Drop-Down Swing Arm

This specialized swing arm is used most commonly to load a power wheelchair or scooter into the rear hatch of a station wagon or minivan. Your dealer can tell you whether you would need a Drop-Down Swing Arm for your make of vehicle.



Angled Swing Arm

This swing arm is sometimes needed when a person with a larger upper body is transferring into a car and needs additional clearance between the swing arm and their chest and upper arm area.



Extensions are available in 4”, 8” and 12” lengths, for use primarily in the home to achieve the required reach across the room, and also in higher-riding vehicles to maximize entry space by setting the person back a little from the lift arm. Extensions are not normally required when a person is getting in and out of a car.  



Low Dash Adapter




4 Inch Straight Adapter




8 Inch Straight Adapter




12 Inch Straight Adapter




Cargo Bay Door Adapter