Stand-Ease: Like a Lift Chair for Your Car

If you can walk but have difficulty getting in and out of your car because of the low seat, you need the Stand-Ease. To enter your car, you sit down on the raised bar in the doorway and press the Down switch.  The Stand-Ease gently lowers your bottom to seat level, and you rotate your legs into the vehicle. To exit, rotate your legs out of the car, press the Up switch, and the Stand-Ease raises your bottom until you are standing up. You can travel independently again!

  • No drilling or modification to most vehicles
  • Adjusts automatically for optimal legroom and clearance when you move your seat forward and back 
  • Easily transferable to your next vehicle

All Access Unlimited mobility equipment qualifies for financial assistance under the terms of the Daimler Chrysler, Ford, GM, Lexus, Saturn, Toyota and Volkswagen mobility programs.