Windows Media Player



Quick Time player

To view a product video, you will need either the Quick Time player or Windows Media Player shown above. If you do not have this free software, choose one, download it and install it now. Then return to the Access Unlimited product videos and choose the video you would like to see. Product video download times can range from 2-10 minutes on a dial-up modem connection. If you prefer to download a video and save it to your computer to view later, right mouse click on the product video link and select "Save as". Then save it to the location of your choice on your computer.

Not sure if you have a video player on your computer? Try this:
  1. First click on a picture to attempt playing the video using QuickTime.
  2. If you get an error message, try clicking on the Windows Media text link below the picture.
  3. If you still get an error or a "Save as" dialogue box appears, you will need to install one of the video players as instructed above.

More Information on Our Video File Formats
  • .avi
    • The standard video format for Windows. These files need an AVI Video for Windows player,  Windows Media Player from Microsoft.
  • .mov
    • The common format for QuickTime movies, the Macintosh native movie platform. You can use a number of applications to play .mov files including Sparkle or MoviePlayer on the Mac, and QuickTime for Windows.
  • .mpg
    • A standard format for "movies" on the Internet, using the MPEG compression scheme. On the Mac, use Sparkle to play .mpg files or to convert them to QuickTime movies. There are a variety of MPEG Players for Windows and an MPEG FTP Site that has a large collection of MPEG player resources for all platforms (Mac, Windows, and UNIX).